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Safety is priority No 1


Like every active sport, riding an electric skateboard involves certain risks. To enjoy the experience and for nobody to get hurt, here are some tips you should definitely read.


1. Fix Active big electric skateboards are not meant for children. Under 15-year-olds can use the skateboards only with adult supervision.
2. Make time to read the product manual.  
3. Before riding the skateboard, make sure it is charged and the remote control battery is full. Check that the el. skateboard reacts to the remote control commands (accelerates and breaks).
4. Before riding the skateboard, always make sure that all the nuts and bolts are tight and nothing is loose.
5. Make sure your safety gear is up-to-date and the right size. Fasten the helmet, knee and hand pads. “You are not stronger than asphalt.“
6. Learn to fall. You can try and practice falling on soft grass.
7. Push for some speed, stand in a relaxed manner with slightly bended knees, tilt your body forward, avoid tilting backwards. Change the position under the remote control (to slow).
8. If you are using the skateboard for the first time, start out slow on a flat surface to practice: try different regimes (accelerate, brake). If necessary, get someone to help support you.
9. Once you are moving and you have gathered a little speed, try to brake safely to make sure everything is working properly. In order to do this, push the remote control trigger forward.
10. If the el. skateboard has regular tyres, then avoid uneven surfaces. While riding an el. skateboard, you should keep away from steep inclines and roads. Ride at a safe speed making sure you are able to control your actions and react quickly if necessary. Make sure you do not pose a danger to others around you.


 Safety in a public place:

1. Always care about others, be attentive, respect the fact that pedestrians have the right of way.
2. Ride only when it is light outside.
3. Ride only in places that do not block other people`s way nor put them in danger (roller-skaters, cyclists, pedestrians etc.) including yourself.   
4. Avoid places where people like to walk their pets for the sake of your own and the animal`s health.
5. Acquire basic riding skills before you start riding a skateboard in public places.
6. Do not ride in the immediate vicinity of moving vehicles.  
7. Pass pedestrians, cyclists and other skateboarders on the right side and so not startle them.
8. Always follow traffic rules and local regulations.
9. Keep in mind: it is forbidden to ride an electric skateboard on public roads and streets. It is allowed to ride only on sidewalks and in other public areas if it does not cause inconveniences to others.


Accidents can happen even to those who are careful. If you or your friend has had an accident, call "an emergency number "

• WHAT HAPPENED. Describe the threat or danger that made you call.
• WHERE DID THE ACCIDENT HAPPEN. Tell them the address or give as specific directions as possible.
• IS ANYBODY HURT. Say how many people are hurt; describe their condition.
• YOUR NAME AND THE TELEPHONE NUMBER YOU ARE CALLING FROM. If necessary, the emergency operator will call you back for additional information (to specify the building, flat number, location etc.).