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Electric Skateboards


This is the "go anywhere" electric skateboard. Cruising round on a long board is cool and great fun but when it comes to going up hill it's a different story... not any more!


Electric skateboards offer all the benefits of cruising on a regular long board but with the added advantage of a quiet-running electric motor to get you up hills. Just look at some of the features.


  • POWERFUL: 0-20+ mph in 4 seconds
  • FREEDOM: Wireless remote control
  • SAFE: Integrated braking system
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Electric, quiet-running operation

We have a range of Electric Skateboards from street cruisers to full off-road Electric Skateboards.


Electric skatebards prices and shiping cost
 Electric skateboard Sale price lead battery lithium battery + Measurements
 600W (Radical)250 EUR 350EUR  15Ah 101*27cm
 800W (Exstreme)

549 EUR


 750EUR  15Ah

820EUR 24Ah

+ 24EUR box




We are all skateboard addicts at Fix Active and have found some great places to ride the electric skateboard. As well as being great fun, they're a effective form of transport. Ian Wright has been quoted as saying that he uses his electric skateboard for the going down to his local 7-11. It beats the traffic conjestion and there are no worries about parking.


Below are images of the electric skateboards we currently stock. They all come with a wireless remote control which is awesome. 05.2010 08.2010

600w Eelektrirula "Active"800w Maastiku elektrirula "Extreme"