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Voltaic Solar Bags and Solar Chargers


Voltaic solar bags charge virtually all handheld electronics. The Generator also charges laptops.

 Powerful Solar Panels: Tough, lightweight, waterproof solar panels are embedded in each bag. The   panels use high-efficiency mono-cristalline cells to charge devices fast. The Backpack, Converter and Messenger produce 4 Watts, meaning 1 hour in the sun will power 3 hours of iPod play time or 1.5 hours of cell phone talk time.

The Generator produces 15 Watts, powerful enough to extend laptop runtime by 2-4 hours from five hours of direct sun.

Battery Included: All Voltaic bags come with a removeable battery pack which stores any surplus power generated, so you have power whenever and wherever you need it - not just when the sun is up. The battery can also be charged using the USB cable and the optional AC travel or car charger.

Easy Connection to Devices: All bags include standard adapters for common cell phones and other handheld devices. The Generator also includes common laptop adapters. 











€ 219 + shipping

€ 159 + shipping

€ 159+ shipping

€ 499 + shipping

Voltaic bags use fabrics made from recycled PET i.e. soda bottles. Recycled PET fabric is light weight, extremely durable, UV resistant and water resistant. It even looks better than the nylon it replaced. Most importantly, it uses significantly less energy to produce and creates demand for recycled materials.